About Youth Alliance GM

Youth Alliance GM is an informal partnership of over 140 organisations and groups supporting children and young people across Greater Manchester, drawn from local VCS sector, public sector youth services, housing associations and national charities.


Youth Alliance GM was established at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, recognising a need for joint and collaborative working to mitigate negative impacts on children and young people across our region.

This is not about creating more bureaucracy, but exploring how we can best serve children and young people, individually, collectively and as a system.

We believe that now is the right time to bring together the diversity of providers and children and young people to drive the agenda for change in GM, respond collectively to the challenges faced by young people and the sector and build a new reality.

Being part of the Alliance is easy, free, and encouraged! We want to grow and have you join us on our journey. Please get in touch to find to find out more.

Although the initial intent for the Alliance was to foster collaboration across the VCSE sector, the wider demand for a collective like the Alliance has become clear – with local authorities, institutions and funders looking to the Alliance to represent the diversity of organisations supporting children and young people.

The Alliance aims to be a catalyst to leverage cross-sector collaboration for the benefit of children and young people in a way that is led, shaped and designed by the community leaders who are leading the work.

The Youth Alliance GM aims to:

  • Collectively improve young people’s wellbeing across Greater Manchester – linking strategically with the #BeeWell programme.
  • Provide more equity for all by working collaboratively to increase opportunities for young people across Greater Manchester.
  • Make systemic change by shaping and influencing services for young people across Greater Manchester.

The Youth Alliance is an open partnership. By bringing youth and play organisations from across GM together, we have a partnership approach that harnesses the corporate, cultural, public, voluntary, and community sectors working together with local people to deliver collective change.

The intention is to provide a space for open discussions, plan for upcoming opportunities, and sharing of information from across Greater Manchester.

Youth Alliance GM seeks to:

  • Strategic – connecting to other networks and partnerships, making use of current opportunities from across Greater Manchester to improve equity for all.
  • Communications – communicating opportunities, news, providing platforms for members to collaborate, especially from those boroughs seen as being currently unrepresented and under resourced.
  • Membership management – providing information and support to existing and new members, bringing new groups together.
  • Events – chances for meeting and collaboration across GM, inviting key people/stakeholders and enabling conversations, ideas and change.
  • Youth Voice –  Enabling a GM wide strategic approach to young people’s involvement and influence.


The management and delivery of the Youth Alliance is led by Young Manchester and GMYN, two lead organisations involved with the Alliance from the start. These charities were selected by the Alliance steering group to manage the resources and work of the Alliance and help drive this work forward.

So far, the Alliance has already established itself as an influential network of strategic leads and experts in delivery themes such as mental health, youth leadership and employability. We have recently secured funding for the next three years to allow us to grow and develop our role.

There have already been successes to note.

  • Inputting into the GM combined authority Young Persons Guarantee strategy
  • Invited to represent the Alliance at the GM combined authority Youth Task force sub groups
  • Successful coordination of Young Persons Hustings events for the GM Mayoral elections
  • Created an open space for GM wide information sharing and communication across sectors
  • Started the development of a wider piece of work on Youth Voice and GM wide opportunities to collaborate
  • Linking up strategically with the #BeeWell programme


We feel that there is fantastic potential for the Alliance to develop further and provide leadership, support and ensure young people’s voices from across Greater Manchester are not just heard but also acted upon.

Together, we have the potential to unlock long-closed doors for young people in GM, finally make a meaningful dent in persistent and structural region-wide challenges and bring us closer to a GM we can currently only imagine.

How Can You Get Involved?

Youth Alliance GM is looking for representation from across Greater Manchester and aims to be inclusive of all organisations that work with and for young people. If you wish to be part of this or wish to find out more, please fill in the form below and someone will get back to you.

You can also contact the project team who will be happy to help, you can do this by emailing info@youthalliancegm.co.uk